lunedì 23 marzo 2015


MINNA-san, どうもありがとうございます!!!!

GRAZIE MILLE to everybody for coming last night!

Over 50 people came to our workshop/party and we are very happy for the result (zero leftovers, a fun, easy-going atmosphere, many laughters, nice new friends and TOO many pretty ladies...). Also too many dishes and glasses to wash, but... that's another story.




Many special THANKS: to my wife Satoko, to my very dear friend Tatsu-Mabuya and to his sweet girlfriend Satomi for their priceless help. To Goya-san for lending us his h-tech pimer and for his good hand helping to prepare our little antique market. To my very dear friend Tomomi for the help. To all 'old' and new friends that came and helped us (Rina & Makiko, you are champions of dishes-washing!; Kiji, you're a perfect baker!). To Volare's official pianist, Seishu-san. And, last but of course not at all least, to Pietro Sartogo ('Pietro2', but just because he's younger than me; at Ristorante Volare, as he's the owner, he will be always Pietro1) for letting me organize and hold this event at his coolissimo restaurant.

OMEDETOU x2! To Rie-san - the only lucky lady who had the chance to enjoy Volare's great dolce (Pietro2 is not only a master pasta-chef and baker, he's also a master pasticcere); aperitivo usually doesn't include dolce - and to Lisa-san, that unfortunately left too early to enjoy her dolce (Pietro2 owes you one, ok?).

As I was quite busy cooking, I had no chance to take a single photo (by the way: my official job is, would be, photographer). So, dear participants, sumimasen+gomenasai if I steal some of your images that I found on FB for my blog (soon I will post the link)!


Pietro 2 will go to Italy very soon and we're thinking what kind of event to hold at Volare next time, most probably at the end of May.
I'm thinking of something like 'P.O.P.' (PASTA ORGY PARTY), where Pietro1 & Pietro2 will cook their (our) best pasta/sauces dishes for you eyes and mouths only. Maybe again in an aperitivo/buffet-style. Please, stay tuned. Soon another P1&P2 food event will come.

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