domenica 19 aprile 2015


Nice afternoon, yesterday, in company of our friend Va Py, for the first time in Okinawa almost directly from Sardegna. Most of tourists that come here use their little time to swim in the tropical ocean or, if Chinese, to buy rice cookers. But Va Py is a neko-lover, so we took her (she took us with her car) to two special places. First to our friend Myu-san’s shelter, near Yogi Koen. She has 24 cats + dog in an apartment only for them. With us there was also a nice couple of friends. The lady is a specialist in cutting tigers nails, so she did a great job.

Then we went to Ginowan to visit for the first time Nyangusk, name not easy for the gaijin world, but… very nice. It’s a neko café (one of two: the other one is in Tomigusuku) managed by Cherubims, the great association that helps stray cats in Okinawa probably more than anybody else. Their café is a kind of dolls house, super kawaii. Over there, besides enjoying neko-shaped food (pizza, toasts, drink a tea in a neko-cup), you can adore the many guests of the place and buy several nice neko-inspired items. Yesterday we were shocked by the beauty of their cats: it looked like a beauty queen contest. 

Impossible, when you leave the place, not to feel like bringing home at least a couple of them… Actually all these babies are available for adoption, so if you’re interested… or

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