lunedì 13 luglio 2015


ARIGATO minna-san for coming today to Senaga! The shore was a mess after the typhoon: broken corals all over and a lot of garbage from the sea (from the human pigs that drop it in the sea). We picked up many bags, as usual watched by tourists that didn't move a finger to help. This time we were organized more or less as an anarchist in a Brazilian carnival parade. No tents, no tables, no knifes, no running water, no charcoal. Some bad people that on Sundays, instead of staying home to watch TV, decided to come to Senaga took OUR roofed tables... But Tatsu Mabuya-sama saved our lifes, finding an empty space with 3 three san tre 3 tables all for us! 

We burnt what we had between some vending machines and grilled a bunch of food. We used eau de chat to wash hands and maybe some fork. The location had a certain Coney Island's atmosphere, I loved it. New friends joined us and between a biru and a guaranà we played frescobol and swam and it has been great fun. Hiro-san, not just our best driver with a 6 seats car, but also an Olympic swimmer, reached Taiwan and came back in 20 minutes. We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset with some whiskey nuances, then, having still some beer but no more light, we moved to my rooftop where we had a short karate class between basilico and rosmarino plants. Plants are still alive, so I am happy.

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