lunedì 28 settembre 2015


GREAT afternoon+evening, yesterday at Senaga-jima, to celebrate Goya-sama (he's going back to Bulàgna soon) and clean up the poor beach. Even if few people came, and many others didn't because was expected a typhoon that never came, we did a great job. Every time I go there and start picking up all the nastiness that people drop around I'm shocked by their scientific stupidity (some rotten brains hide Coca-Cola empty bottles behind the rocks, as they know to be idiots and feel guilty). But then I remember myself when I was 16 years old, a local champion of stupidity (dropping waste here and there too), so...

After collecting a good amount of garbage we played the holy FRESCOBOL (finally!), maybe the last one for this year. Guys of the F.A.O. (Frescobol Addicts Okinawa), see you next year! Arigato, raquets.

Then we went to Volare Senagajima to say hallo to Pietro2, but we ended up having a panini+pizza+biru orgy. We also checked out some legs, but that's another story. Goya got lost in the tourist village (too many legs), so I had to rescue him under the full moon.

Saved the main man, we went to my place and drop the waste, take a shower (I was smelling as a pro garbage hunter), then to Tomomi's place to have a barbecue. The problem is that the combination garbage+frescobol+swimming+biru killed me, so I forgot at home my camera, telephone, brain. And once at Tomomi's I crashed on a bed. I just remember that I cooked something and killed the last drops of limoncello. After that, total dark.
By the way:
1) Goya, be a good boy in Italy and come back soon, because your real friends are here (there only enemies)
2) As probably the beach cleaning ups season is over, but many Okinawans haven't learnt yet the difference between a waste bin and a beach/street/whatever, I'll organize soon another clean up. This time in a very special location (Shikina-en Cemetery) on a very special date (1st November, but you can consider it as the 2nd, when else?). Bring long pants to protect yourself from the habu(s). Soon a FB event page, please, stay tuned!

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