domenica 30 luglio 2017


THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the nice people that yesterday made the 'Cheese Day' at Renemia a great day!

Non vegetarian dish, clockwise, starting at 12 o'clock: caponata, peperonata, Halloumi with mortadella, salad with balsamic vinegar (center), friggione (6 o'clock), tomato sauce, penne with John's smoked cheese and smoked bacon (and Goa's black pepper, sake, olive oil, Sardinia's salt)

Around 100 people came and we did our best to make you happy. We're still in pain for cooking, cutting, washing, standing, but... it has been a successful event. 

So here come my GRAZIE MILLE to Renemia's people - Super-Hiroyuki Kinjo-san + Super-Mirei-wife, the best designer ever (hers the event's flyer); Sakura-san and Maiko-san of the staff, thank you for your very precious help! - ; to my wife Satoko, without her priceless help I wouldn't have made it!; to John Davis, the 'Cheese Guy in Okinawa', for his wonderful cheeses and the long lasting collaboration; to all the nice people, old and new friends (here I steal some of your photos), that came to Renemia and enjoyed our dishes, the atmosphere and the good company. I hope to see you all soon, ciao!

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  1. esperienza assolutamente da non perdere trovandosi nei paraggi!
    Delizia per lo spirito e location solare.