lunedì 28 maggio 2018


Fun (and rain), as always, yesterday at the best Italian restaurant of Okinawa, Mamma Lella, for the first Summer Market of the history of Mamma Lella (did I say already Mamma Lella?). Friends ate tons of delicious piadina and bought the imported calories of Mirco Pilat (the owner of the best tents and tables of Okinawa, GRAZIE MIRCONE!!!), the imported vintage goods of 'Europa Vintage Okinawa' (did I say already vintage?) and the not imported, handmade cute handicrafts (did I say already hand?) of Satoko Ishizaki/Atelier Tibitoko/Sato9.

A super GRAZIE MILLE to Eugenio and Eriko Bettiol - owners of MAMMA LELLA (4) - and to their fantastic staff, Ghenta Kinjo and Mai-san! Another super one to Gino Goya, now owner of a brand new shining Ferrari: as usual without You I wouldn't go anywhere (thank Gossh and mamma Margherita and papà Carlo for sending Him to Oki)! An ありがとうございました to Myu-san for lending me her Myu-mobile for the billionth time (I returned it only 4 hours late)! Last but not least, many THANKS to the nice friends and customers and friend customers that yesterday came to Onna and bought our products or just said ciao!

Next adventure: one week before Christmas, for the 2nd round of the Christmas Market, already a mythological event in the history of the mythological events of Mamma Lella (5)!

P.S.: Eugenio+Eriko+Ghenta have a great trip to Italy, and be careful, I've heard there are many Italians down there!

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