martedì 1 gennaio 2019


to all the nice participants of yesterday's gnocchi cooking class at Taste of Okinawa, it has ben fun and a pleasure transform almost four kilos of potatoes in yummy gnocchi together! 

Gorgonzola sauce, as usual, the number one on the dance floor. We struggled with the inner humidity of potatoes choking it with flour until the last drop... Considering the zero leftovers I guess you guys liked what we cooked, and that makes me very happy.

Talking of happiness: Happy New Year!

Special THANKS to Tomo-san, owner of Taste of Okinawa, for giving me - once more - the chance to hold one of my food adventures.


(27th January)

Grazie mille, thanks a lot, muito obrigado, どうもありがとうございます to the seven Stars that today came to my second (and last, at least for a period) gnocchi cooking class at Taste of Okinawa! As usually it has been fun and a pleasure meeting new hungry friends. Considering the zero leftovers, I guess they enjoyed the dishes. Thanks also for letting me steal your best photos and for modelling. Arigatissimo, once more, to the dears Tomo-san and Rina-san of Taste of Okinawa for lending me their wonderful space! Soon another calories event, please stay tuned!

lunedì 17 dicembre 2018


GRAZIE MILLE to all the wonderful friends - hosts, sellers, buyers, Mr. Sun etc. - that yesterday made possible the 2nd round of the Italian Christmas Market at Mamma Lella©!

It has been a great day, we could meet old and new friends, enjoy the delicious piadina of chef Eugenio and the same same delicious pizza of pizzaiuolo Mirco. Blessed by a perfect weather, a miracle in this period in Onna, I even got some tan... Many European cute vintage goods found a new home in Okinawa, and so some handmade Santa Claus(es) & Okineko(s) by Satoko: enjoy your second life! 

SuperSpecial THANKS to Eugenio, Eriko and the precious staff of Mamma Lella for giving us another chance to enjoy life while working; to Mirco and Etsuko for the help and the calories, and to Akira for the flying flip-flops show; to Myu for lending me once more her priceless neko-mobile and to Gino Sensei for driving, once more, unpaid; to G(h)enta for the wrapping unpaid service! It has been really a special day. Someone made his first bagnetto of the bagnetti season 2018-19, and even my doctor came to visit us! Now I'm crazy tired (18 big and heavy boxes up-and-down Onna), but happy.

Next adventure of this kind: the 2nd Italian Summer Market at Mamma Lella©, most probably in May. Please, stay tuned.