sabato 23 agosto 2014


THANKS to Sadako-san today me and my friend Tomomi made it! When I arrived by Naha’s prefecture there were no more bus tickets available (10 buses, 60 passengers each, already full)… Then an angel came with TWO tickets!

Soooo, following the perfect Japanese organization, we reached Camp Schwab, by Henoko Bay, where Abe’s army is helping the U.S. troops to destroy the habitat of dugongs in order to make a bigger military base. Even if last winter the local popolation voted for Susumu Inamine as Nago mayor: his manifesto, NO base.

Abe is rushing the destruction works before November elections, when a new governor against the bases will have good chances to win. In Okinawa 74% of the population is against the bases, but Tokyo’s prime minister is doing what he wants, it doesn’t matter what Okinawan people think.

Today, in the usual pacific, civilized and very organized way, 3.600 people gathered at the entrance of Camp Schwab, protesting firmly under the nose of the Marines. As most of the times in these situations, I was one of the very few gaijin. Going around with a camera and a Marines haircut some people must have thought that I was a spy…

Inamine-san spoke covered with a very cute and symbolic blanket decorated with paper dugongs. Here’s my photo-story of today, I hope you’ll enjoy it as my little contribution to November elections. I cannot vote but, at least, I can photograph.

And few days later, at the beach...

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