lunedì 22 febbraio 2016


Yesterday I drove an Italian-Austrian friend documentarist to Henoko and Takae. She's making an interesting documentary on the very peculiar situation of Okinawa that will be shown in Europe soon. Yesterday both places were very quiet. On Sundays the workers that are destroying Henoko Bay take a rest, and so police and protesters. We could enjoy a smoky lunch - more cigarettes than food - at my favorite restaurant in Henoko village, the 'Italian Restaurant', which has no Italian food whatsoever but A LOT of atmosphere. As dessert yummy Mozart chocolates directly from Wien!!

The director could interview some of the activists that peacefully fight against the destrucion of the bay's precious ecosystem, including a young woman so moved to cry during the interview (WHO said that Japanese people don't show their emotions??). Maybe a new girlfriend for Goya-san... Some cute neko accompained the interviews. 

After Henoko we drove to Takae, where the situation at the moment is incredibly quiet - all the attention of people and media in this period is focused on Henoko. Our friend Chie-san could give us a good update on the actual situation - Yanbaru forest under destruction to build four more heliports. The road up there is wonderful - almost deserted, with a smooth asphalt that goes through the forest -, perfect for... bikers! Even if the speed limit is of 40 km/h, a huge tribe of Harley Davidson(ers) dickheads every Sunday ruuuuuuns along that road at the triple of that speed, putting in serious danger the Yanbaru Kuina, an endemic (ex)bird that cannot fly, turtles and people. Some smart tourism office's moron recently made and put a huge sign promoting the road as a races circuit between... the (run over) nature! These days I speak to Gossh, asking Him one, just one thing: "Please, Lord, give me the absolute power on Okinawa only for 24 hours. I'll transform it into a REAL Paradise, ok?".

No answers yet.

At the end, on the way back to Naha, we stopped for a drink at the Lequio Resort. A chotto decadent place, but watta view!

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