domenica 24 luglio 2016


GREAT adoption/divulgation/awareness/charity event this afternoon at Café Topothesia in Ginowan! A university's young crowd participated massively at the cool café where we brought seven young cats from Myu-san's shelter. It has been a success, as two cuuuute kittens have been adopted by a couple who lives nearby and the next week, after some vet checks, will go for a better life with a loving family.

We gave a bunch of brochures about TNR programs and lent some books about how living with a cat to... beginners. We sold some items and people donated money, so we could save a little amount of $ for the TNRs coming (the next one in Okinawa-shi, from the 9th to the 11th September).

Satoko, as usual in these situations, has been a professional in talking/convincing people to adopt a cat. BRAVA! And so Myu-san, who still has the superpower of taking care of stray cats and bringing them to such events. Last but not least, ほんとにどうもありがとうございました to the young guys of Café Topothesia that organized the event and hosted us. Now I'm tired but... happy!

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