lunedì 19 dicembre 2016


THANKS to all the over 100 people that yesterday came to my little event Italia Day 2016! It has been a great pleasure organizing it, even if now I’m almost dead for tireness… I tried to bring a piece of my country to Ryukyu and I’m very happy for the reception that many people – old and new friends – gave to the happening. It seems that they appreciated mostly what was in the dishes, as usual…

I want to give my GRAZIE MILLE + どうもありがとうございました to Sato-つま and to the dear amico Gino Goya for the priceless help; to Michiko-san of Yukaruhi café and to her very helpful staff for hosting the event; again to Gino Goya and to Yoco Acaghi for holding their interesting cooking classes; to Tomomi-san and to Mirco Pilat for the support; once more to Tomomi-san, and Tatsu-san and 'Roberto'-san for the translations from English to Japanese; to Francesca Cerletti (owner of the guest-house La Passione) and to John Davis (‘The Cheese Guy in Okinawa’) for bringing their yummy products: the best olive oil and the best cheese of Japan; to Tayoko Yamazaki for promoting the event on the magazine Okinawa Ichiba. And, in general, a SUPER-ARIGATOuuu to all the nice people that visited the event. Once more it has been a great moment for strengthening old friendships and start new ones.

Next (double) Pietrofood adventure: Christmas dinners at Renemia art gallery/café in Makishi on December 24th (for families with children) and 25th (adults only XXX), from 6 to 9 p.m. Dress code: HUNGRY.

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