lunedì 28 dicembre 2015

TWO (or maybe more) TAGLIATELLE for JULIUS

Yummy Bologna's style luch today at my friend Yoco's cozy home (GRAZIE mille!!!) in company of a new friend from California, Julius Walker. Together we made three eggs of handmade tagliatelle following my glorious grandma Giorgina's recipe for ragù (as we call Bologna's sauce). Plus a fresh salad with balsamic vinegar from Modena and the ancient friggione, an onions and tomatoes spead treasure of the old kitchen-ladies of Bologna. To be accompained by supermarket boring bread brought back to life thank to some good olive oil, oregano and salt from Sicilia. Last(s) but not least: a good glass of Lambrusco wine - another product of Emilia Romagna - and an espresso coffee made in a 'moka' machine. 

ALL this has been organized by Tadaku cook-at-your-home group, GRAZIE guys!! Julius left Yoco's home happy (and full), and so I'm happy too!

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