sabato 23 dicembre 2017


GRAZIE MILLE to my dear friends Yoco Acaghi and Gino Goya for today (1) hosting my tortellini cooking class at her home and (2) working as a perfect assistant! 

As usual, the class at Yoco's has been fun and a chance to meet old and new friends. We made nine eggs of fantastic tortellini, also thank to the great prosciutto and parmigiano that my mom sent me as Christmas gifts and that I sacrificed for the happiness of everybody (starting with me). Today we also made a supermarket of Itoman internationally famous, as the only known seller of mortadella in Okinawa. 

Yoco made her fantastic tiramisù and Gino-the-machine worked as a professional 'sfoglina' (fresh pasta maker of Bologna, our hometown) at the pasta machine. I ate only three dishes of tortellini, two of bollito misto with original mostarda bolognese Cavazza (once more thank you, mamma!), two rounds of tiramisù and countless espresso coffees. Just to celebrate Christmas.



This has been my last cooking class of this year, now I'll enjoy a three weeks period of rest. It has been a challenging year in different kitchens and at various events, focusing mostly on fresh, handmade pasta and on the recipes of my region, Emilia Romagna. Always following the teachings of mamma Giampaola and aunts Laura and Vittoria, inspired by the incredible dishes of aunt Tina, grandpa Pietro and grandma Giorgina. In other words, my yummy family.
THANKS to all the people - family, friends, food adventures partners - that in many different ways and occasions helped me in several ways.

The new year will bring new adventures, starting on January 13th with a private at-your-home class. Plans for 2018: a class on gnocchi and one on the incredibly good passatelli, almost unknown in Okinawa. Dates and places still to be decided.
I wish you all that follow me a Merry Christmas with a bunch of tortellini and a very Happy New Year with a bunch of calories.

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